Chapter One:

Shootout at Coyote Gulch!

GM: Mike Mitchell

Game played 7- 10:00 p.m.
June 22, 2005

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Posted: July 11, 2005
Updated: July 11, 2005

Outlaws Run Wild in Coyote Gulch!
Sheriff Jackson MURDERED by "Little Warriors" gang!

June 22, 2005
Coyote Gulch, Texas --
There was panic in the streets as unknown band of outlaws shot their way into the bank and made off with the Silverado Mining Company’s payroll! When the smoke cleared, Sheriff Pettigrew Jackson lay dead in the street and Mr. Upton, the banker, had barely escaped with his life!

“This was a GREAT start to our Summer Campaign,” said Gutshot co-creator Mike Mitchell. “There was action, gunsmoke, and well-laid plans gone awry. What else could you ask for at the start of an Outlaw Trail campaign?”

This year’s Summer Campaign will run between 5-7 weeks at Little Wars. As with previous campaigns, the action centers on a gang of outlaws trying to make a name for themselves in the Wild West.

“I certainly don’t want to contribute to the delinquency of minors,” Mitchell said, “but I love running outlaw games. I especially love the way the younger kids really get into it. By far, the most fun I have is watching the young’uns get into character.”

This year’s game features two “younger guns,” Diego Duran and Ian Kristensen. Diego is a new gun, but Ian is an “old hand” at Gutshot, having also played the infamous, blood-thirsty character, Big Jack, in the Summer Campaign back in 2003.

Other players this year include Diego’s father, Dion, Rupter Cullen, and Zack Wells. Game co-creator Mike Murphy is also on hand to aid in the mayhem.

Each player is running an outlaw who, if he survives, will advance from a wet-behind-the-ears punk into a feared outlaw. And, hopefully, he’ll make a lot of loot on the way.

“In addition to having fun, this gang is also helping us playtest one of our upcoming books, Gutshot: Adventures on the Outlaw Trail,” Mitchell explained.

This Outlaw Trail book will be a campaign setting that will include detailed maps for the towns and cities, as well as adventures, NPCs, and all the details needed to run an ongoing campaign in the wild and wooly West.

The Little Warriors (named in honor of the Little Wars store which is kind enough to provide us with AC on these hot summer nights) consider the best way to plan an unathorized withdrawl from the bank. (Left to right) Dion Duran, Diego Duran, Zack Wells, and Rupert Cullen.

There is no solid release date for the book, yet, but Mitchell said he hopes to have a rough draft of portions of it ready by the end of the year and added that he plans to post chapters online for feedback and playtesting.

“By the way, even though this campaign is already underway, walk-ins and new recruits are always welcome,” Mitchell said. “All miniatures and gear are supplied. Just show up and we’ll get you up to speed.”

The Little Warriors:

  • "Wildman" Johnson -- (played by Zack Wells)
    Custom 1 - TN 7, Quickdraw: Pistol
    Weapon: Pistol
  • "Long Look" McGreevy -- (played by Dion Duran)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Sureshot: Shotgun, True Grit
    Weapon: Double-barrel Shotgun
  • Tiny Rowland (played by Rupert Cullen)
    Gambler - TN 8, Lucky, Sureshot: Shotgun
    Weapon: Double-barrel Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Six-Shooter Sam (played by Diego Duran)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Sureshot: Pistol, Two-Gun Shootist

The Honorable Citizens of Coyote Gulch:
(all NPCs played by GM Mike Mitchell)

  • Sheriff Pettigrew Jackson
    Sheriff: TN 7, True Grit
    Weapon: Pistol
  • Deputy "Stumpy" McGrew
    (one-legged character, movement reduced by 33%)
    Custom 3- TN 8, Lucky, Spontaneous, True Grit
    Weapons: Pistol, Double-barrel Sawed-off Shotgun
  • The Banker, Mr. Upton
    Townsfolk: TN 9, Hard to Hit, Speedy
    Weapon: Pistol hidden in the safe
  • The Bank Clerk, Mr. Leesom
    Townsfolk: TN 9, Hard to Hit, Speedy
    Weapon: Ability to curl into fetal position and beg for mercy
  • Mr. Clayton, The Gambler
    Gambler - TN 8, Lucky, Sureshot: Shotgun
    Weapon: Pistol, Derringer up his sleeve
  • Joshua Deets, Livery Stable Hand
    Custom 3- TN 9, Brawler, Horsemanship, Reliable
    Weapon: Rifle
  • Pedro, Doctor's Assistant and Gravedigger
    Townsfolk: TN 9, Hard to Hit, Speedy
    Weapon: Pistol hidden in serape, Bowie knife in boot

Location: The one-horse West-Texas town of Coyote Gulch,
just a few miles from the Mexican Border.

Based on the game scale of 1-inch = 2 yards,
this small town was a little smaller than the size of a modern football field.

Game Stats for
Shootout at Coyote Gulch!

There were 4 Characters and 5 NPCs involved in combat.
The game lasted five Turns.

Setup & Victory Objectives
The Silverado Mining Company has its payroll in the Bank.
Go get it and take it off the east (right) side of the table. If you get away with the bank loot, everyone who survives (and escapes off the right-side of the table) will earn 50 VP, plus VP for kills, loot, and other feats of daring-do! You will also earn an additional 5 VP per Character if you manage to accomplish this without killing anyone (good luck on that one!)

Pre-Game Setup

The Sheriff was in the jail doing paperwork, Stumpy was outside the jail sitting on the porch (Ole Bessy, his shotgun, in his lap), the banker and clerk were in the bank behind the counter, Deets was in the corral, Clayton the gambler was at a table in the saloon sitting with a "sporting woman" and idly shuffling his deck of marked cards. There were other sporting girls (okay, they're whores) in the saloon, but none of them would get involved in this fight.

The Players positioned their Characters throughout the town.Wildman Johnson took up position on the balcony of the hotel, smoking a cigarello. Tiny and Sam started off outside the hotel next to where their horses were hitched. McGreevy was chewin' the fat with Stumpy down by the Sheriff's Office.


Turn One

Tiny and Sam moseyed across the street toward the bank to engage in a little financial transaction.

Tiny Rowland and Six-Shooter Sam head on over to the bank (the white building). Both miniatures are 28mm Deadlands figures. The buildings are O/S-scale Plasticville model train buildings.

A few random photos - more to come!



Victory Points

John "Wildman Johnson"
  8 17 10 85
"Long Look" McGreevy
32 8 12 10 112
Tiny Rowland
15 8 12 10 95
Six-Shooter Sam
15 8 12 10 95

Wildman Johnson: earned 5 VP for not taking any Damage during the game.
All Characters received 12 VP for Role Playing.

They got away with $3,000 ($750 each, which rounds up to 8 VP per Character).

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