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Hawgleg Publishing is a company founded by Michael T. Murphy and Michael S. Mitchell.  To complicate matters, we both answer to the handle "Mike."  There's a whole slew of lies and tall tales about us over at the Pony Express, but the short version is that we're two gaming buddies who decided to quit jawin' about how there ain't no good game rules out there and publish our own stuff (that's a bald faced lie, by the way; we love lotsa other games, check out our lists over with our bios).  That's why we've hung out our shingle and started this here game company: Hawgleg Publishing.

If you are a retailer or distributor interested in carrying Gutshot, please visit our Retail Support Center for more information.

Gutshot, on the other hand, is a mite more complicated to explain because it's three different things:

  • Game Rules: it's a  quick, easy-to-play combat system for 25 mm miniatures that has you slappin' leather and blowin' away the bad guys in a matter of minutes.  It's played on a table top with small metal miniatures (25mm equals about 1-inch tall) that are painted.  The rules tell you how far they can move each "action" (three Actions to a Turn per figure/player), you roll two six-sided dice to shoot at other figures and the numbers tell ya whether ya hit or not.  It's a lot like Warhammer or a bit like Dungeons & Dragons (for more about our rules, or if you have no idea what we're talking about here, wander on over to The Lone Star Saloon and we'll learn ya real quick).
  • Product Line:  Everything we do that is set in the American Wild West (about 1865 - 1900) is part of our Gutshot Product Line.  This includes our Main Rule Book (see below), supplements, T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, posters, and anything else we can think of to slap our brand on.
  • Main Rule Book: This is the heart of our company and the flagship of our Gutshot Product Line. The Gutshot Core Rule Book is an 8.5 x 11 square-bound softcover book with 178 lavishly illustrated pages and a full-color cover. The interior is black & white.  The book retails for $24.95 and is available online and from various retailers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Click here for more information.

At some point in the future Hawgleg Publishing may branch out into other genres and publish other games (we're not accepting submissions right now), but right now we're aiming at Gutshot and hoping to hit the bullseye with a quality product that's fun to play, has great production values, and ships on time.


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