Adventures on the Outlaw Trail GM: Mike Mitchell

Time: 7:00 p.m., Wednesday evening
Dates: June 22 - July 27, 2005
Place: Little Wars
10910 Old Katy Road
Suites #183-184
Houston, Texas

Phone: 713-464-5796

Interested in starting your own gang? Contact us at:

Posted: July 11, 2005
Updated: July 24, 2005

CAMPAIGN NAME: “Raiders on the Outlaw Trail”

PLOT SUMMARY: You’re a member of the “The Little Warriors,” a group of young guns aiming to make a name for themselves (and hopefully earn some hard cash) by robbing, rustling, and hustling.

CHARACTER CREATION: Players could either roll on the Random Character Table, or they could select a Custom 1, Custom 2, or Custom 3 Character Type. Unless the Character died, they would play the same character throughout the game, amassing cash and Victory Points to improve skills, abilities, and notoriety.

Games were run by Mike Mitchell (co-creator of Gutshot), and adventures included the usual Western fare: bank robberies, general mayhem…

Adventures on the Outlaw Trail

Chapter One: Shootout at Coyote Gulch!
Wed., June 22, 2005

Chapter Two: Payback at Snakebite Junction!
Wed., June 29, 2005
Coming soon!

Chapter Three: Bad Day at Beaver Creek!
Wed., July 6, 2005
Coming soon!

Chapter Four: Jail Break at Beaver Creek!
Wed., July 13, 2005
Coming soon!

Chapter Five: Hang 'em High at Beaver Creek!
Wed., July 27, 2005
Coming soon!


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