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Don't shoot the piano player!

Howdy ya'll... Just mosey up to the bar and take a load off. We’ve got just what yer lookin’ fer, mister. Lots of great downloads to help you start running your own games of Wild West mayhem!

In the future we will be creating a GM’s Lounge that will require users to register and log-in. But that room is still under construction, so everything is up here for everybody to enjoy. Oh, and did we mention all this stuff is free? Yup, it’s just our way of saying thanks for getting Gutshot.

So, download all ya need, and make sure ya come back often. We’ll be adding stuff on a regular basis and we know ya don’t wanna miss out on all the freebies.

Downloads - Sample Chapters
Note: All files are in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it from:

5.8 MB

Here's yer chance fer a sneak peek at the Gutshot Core Rule Book. This ain't no "light version" of the rules, but it does reprint the first 17 pages, plus the first page from each section, the Table of Contents, Index, and At a Glance pages. In other words, just enough tuh whet yer appetite and show yuh what yer hard-earned cash'll buy yuh.

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Downloads - Core Forms
Note: All files are in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it from:
Download Gutshot Character Sheets

3.8 MB

Customized sheets including all Character Types. These include all the pre-filled Specialties for Bounty Hunters, Cowboys, Gamblers, Outlaws, Owlhoots, Sheriffs, Texas Rangers, and more!

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Gutshot Horse Record Sheets

2.0 MB

Customized sheets including all the critters you need to jump yer game into high speed! Includes custom sheets for: Horse, Mustang, Tennessee Walking Horse, Cavalry Horse, Draft Horse, and even the old Nag! Also includes sheets for Mules and Donkeys.

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375 kb

Perfect for when you need to manage a whole mob of angry townsfolk. This is a simplified record sheet with just the bare essentials to help the GM run a game. PCs should use the standard sheet. This includes a blank page for any type of NPC, and a second page customized for Townsfolk.

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1 MB

By popular demand, here's a collection of all the tables and extra info you'll need to play Gutshot! This includes the material collected in the back of the book, as well as the latest Index. This is the same set of "cheat sheets" that Mitchell, Murphy and Mauer have been using for years to run their own games.

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850 kb

Yeah, we know you can just slice up an old sheet of notebook paper, but that ain't exactly cool, ya know? Why risk being uncool when ya can print out these here "Official Action Slips" for your next game.

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Available in two formats (click to download):
MS Word 2000 (6.14 MB)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF): (315 kb)


Two sheets of generic markers to help the players and GM track dropped weapons (Colt, Derringer, rifle, shotguns and even the trusty old Bowie Knife) during a game. We've also got some gruesome blood splatters to put under figures to help ya tell the difference between someone who's dead and someone's who's just crouched down like a lily-livered coward! Just print 'em out and then cut 'em to size.


Making your own Gutshot forms? Here's a Zip file with the main fonts we use in our books and adventures.

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222 kb


Downloads - Adventures

Looking for more adventures? Visit our Contest Winners Page!

Download this exciting basic Gutshot adventure

177 kb

"This here town is only big enough fer me! All the rest of you is gonna die!"

A simple free-for-all adventure that is perfect for introducing new players to the Gutshot game system and Wild West action!

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Will love win in this Wild West romance?

Adventure: LOVE & BULLETS
1.4 MB

"No daughter of mine is gonna run off with a dang fool Yankee cattle rustler! Men, get yer guns..."

Two teams help and hinder a pair of star-crossed lovers. Billy loves Missy and he's gonna take her out of town so they can get hitched. Fortunately he's got his gang with him. Unfortunately, Missy's daddy is an angry cattle baron who has a posse to stop 'em. Will true love prevail, or will it end in a deadly hail of bullets?

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Western Adventure Mayhem!

1.7 MB

"This is a hold-up! Hand over the payroll and nobody has to get hurt!"

The Silverado Mining Company has stashed its payroll in the small, under-guarded bank in Coyote Gulch. This should be easy pickings, even for a gang of wet-behind-the-ears outlaws. Unless, of course, the law gets involved. But why worry? The sheriff is fat and lazy, and that deputy is a one-legged runt named Stumpy...

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