Miss Mona's Parlor

Howdy there, cowboy.

Please pardon the dust as they remodel my parlor. Any day now I'll be ready to entertain you -- and all your friends -- in the proper style. Now, don't you go getting any naughty ideas, young feller.

All my entertainments are proper and above board. Keep in mind, "There ain't nothing dirty going on."

In the weeks to come ah'll be opening Reading Room, which will feature a collection of dandy pulp covers and fiction from the 1940s. Ah'll also feature links, articles, and other resources devoted to the American Wild West. My aim is to strike a balance between entertainment and education.

To whet your appetites, here's a few samples I found in some old pulp magazines. I read them to my girls, and they liked 'em. Here's hoping you do, too.


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