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Gutshot second printing delayed,
but back on track

May 19, 2005
Houston, Texas –
Hawgleg Publishing has officially severed all business dealings with the Oklahoma City-based printing & distribution company it had contracted with to print the second press run of the Gutshot Core Rule Book.

“On March 31, 2005 we contracted with, and paid for, a company in Oklahoma City to print the second press run of the Gutshot Core Rule Book. After a month of missed deadlines – including an important shipment for the Salute! show in the UK – we have had no choice but to cancel our order and seek legal representation in this matter,” said Gutshot co-creator Mike Mitchell.

The company founders have hired an attorney to represent its interests in this matter, and at her advice, decline to comment further on this matter, nor to release that company’s name at this time.

Hawgleg has returned to the printer who provided the original press run and have guaranteed delivery before the end of May. Upon receipt, the books will be shipped immediately to the people who have standing orders waiting to be filled.

“We really want to thank the people who have been waiting for their copy of Gutshot to arrive. We will ship the books the day we get them, and we’re going to throw in a few extra goodies to thank them for their patience and understanding,” said game co-creator Mike Murphy.

Mitchell seconded that with a hearty thanks of his own.

“This has been a very unfortunate delay, and I can’t thank the people waiting for their books enough. They have been so patient and understanding, and that’s been one of the few bright spots during this long and troubling ordeal,” he said.

Getting Gutshot… again!
The second press run of the Gutshot Core Rule Book will be almost identical to the first run, but with a few minor changes and updates.

“The first press run was purposefully small so we could catch the typos and errors that we knew would slip past us, despite the best efforts of Paul Mauer, the leader of our Proofing Posse,” Mitchell said. “We also took this opportunity to make a few minor changes and additions.”

Changes to the second printing include:

  • Four more pages of tables added to the “GM & Player Handouts” section at the back of the book. User feedback indicated that a few more tables, mostly focusing on movement, would help players and GMs cut down on the page flipping during games.
  • Minor rule tweaks and clarifications. These will be summarized in detail in the Gutshot Forums.
  • A Works Cited & Works Consulted Page.
  • An index.

“The index is the feature I’m happiest about. We always intended to have an index, but had to cut it from the first press run because of deadline restraints. We just didn’t have the time to check it for accuracy and completeness, so it had to go. Now,” Mitchell said with a big grin, “it’s back and I’m very happy about that.”

Murphy agreed that he was happy with the changes, but wanted to stress that this is not a second edition.

“This is just a second printing with a few minor changes,” Murphy said. “If this were a software program, we would probably call it Gutshot v. 1.03, or something like that.”

Both creators expressed their thanks, and added that in the next week (again based on a software release model) will be announcing an “upgrade option” for people who bought the first printing and would also like to obtain the slightly improved second printing.

“We’re just working out the details on this plan,” Mitchell said. “But we think people will be very happy when they hear the details.”

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