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Gutshot Posse hits “Da Big Easy”
for Bayou Wars

June 3, 2005
New Orleans, LA -
- It was Horace Greeley who uttered the phrase “Go West Young Man!”, which helped spur the great migration to the West; and now the Gutshot Posse turns its sights to the East when Hawgleg moseys on into the City of New Orleans for the Bayou Wars Convention!

“Bayou Wars is going to be the first HMGS sponsored convention that I have been too, and I am really looking forward to it,” said Hawgleg co-founder Mike Murphy. “We’ve been invited to come along and ride the trail with our good friends at Little Wars, and it presented us with an opportunity to get our name out there past the Lone Star State and continue to establish good relations with the HMGS.”

In addition to having plenty of copies of the second printing of the Gutshot Core Rule Book at hand, Little Wars will also be carrying a selection of Artizan Old West miniatures.

“It’s a good thing I restocked,” said store spokesman Chris Petit.

Little Wars has graciously made space for Murphy and Gutshot at their table, and he will be on hand to explain the game system, answer questions, and autograph books.

“This convention appearance is continuing to kick off our summer season with a bang,” said co-founder Mike Mitchell. “With Paul (Mauer) in Enfilade last week, with Murphy in New Orleans this week, and me at San Con next week – not to mention our summer campaign staring at the end of June – this is going to be one wild and hot summer!”

Posse member Paul Mauer joined Whitewash City creator Eric Hotz at the Enfilade game convention in Washington State, running Gutshot and getting high praise.

“The players in the games we ran all had a great time,” Paul said, noting that the players really caught on to the rules very fast. “Heck, halfway through the first game the players started correcting me on the modifiers, and by then they didn’t even need a GM. They were good to go on their own.”

Praise for Gutshot, and especially for Paul and Eric, was abundant.

Photo Gallery

Eric Hotz has put together a GREAT photo gallery of the games he ran in Olympia Washington May 27-29, 2005.

Check it out here!

“I was gratified at how well Gutshot was received at Enfilade,” Mitchell said. “There were other western game systems there, including some of the more established games, and Gutshot definitely held its own against the old-timers.”

Both Mitchell and Murphy expressed hopes that this would be just the first small step taken toward increasing their convention presence in the next two years.

“I’ll be running our good-old “Last Man Standing” game at Bayou Wars,” Murphy added. “That is a good and fun game for a convention and everybody just likes to be able to get down quick and dirty like and send hot lead into their best friend. Mike was savvy enough to realize that a good prize for this game would be one of our coveted steins from the General Store. When a prize is involved, the players get even more competitive. Naturally the prize will go to the ‘Last Man Standing’.”

With the release of Gutshot this year, the conventions, and demo games have been keeping the Hawgleg team pretty busy, which is one reason why Mitchell is staying back in Texas this time.

“Mitchell usually stays and holds down the fort, while I think of myself as the outrider.” Murphy said.

Mitchell, the “old married man” of the group, said his wife prefers that he stay a little closer to the ole homestead.

“My wife definitely doesn’t trust me,” he said with a sly grin. “Oh, she knows I’d never fool around… it’s just that she doesn’t trust me not to come home with 90 pounds of unpainted lead and a car full of new rulebooks! Heh. Better leave the temptation to Murph!”

The Gutshot demo game will be held Saturday evening. Beginners are welcome and all terrain and miniatures will be provided. If you can’t make it to the game, please feel free to mosey on up to Murphy at the Little Wars table in the dealer’s room. For more information, visit the Bayou Wars or Little Wars Websites:



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