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Rattlehead Games gets Gutshot!

Aug. 6, 2005
Boonville, NC --
Things are heating up on the East Coast as the respected online game store, Rattlehead Games, gets Gutshot.

"We've just added Gutshot, the western skirmish game, to our catalog! To make sure you get your copy and avoid back-order delays, get your order in quick! " said Rattlehead owner Brandon Luffman.

Rattlehead is well known for its support of sci-fi and dark future rules and minis, and carrying Gutshot is the first step in his plans to expand into other genres.

"I'm looking to move into historicals and areas other than just sci-fi and fantasy," Brandon said.

"Brandon was the first retailer to take advantage of an upcoming promotion for retailers and game stores," said Gutshot co-creator Mike Mitchell. "I was discussing this online with other gamers at The Miniatures Page, and Brandon jumped at the opportunity to carry Gutshot at Rattlehead Games."

The offer, which will be “officially” announced on Monday, offers free shipping to US game stores and retailers on orders of 2-10 books. Mitchell is currently investigating the costs of shipping to Canada to see if the offer can be extended to our Northern neighbors.

“Due to the high cost of shipping, we can’t offer this to any overseas retailers,” Mitchell explained. “Stores in the UK and overseas should contact TableTop Games. They have very reasonable shipping rates and Dave Polhill is a great guy to do business with.”

There are a few restrictions on this offer, and Mitchell said he would detail them in the Monday news release.

“This is all part of our plan to help the whole world get Gutshot,” said game co-creator Mike Murphy.

The online directory of game stores and distributors who carry Gutshot is being updated: the new format should also be online by soon.

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