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Slap Leather at Comic Book World!

Aug. 21, 2005
Florence, KY --
If your trigger finger has been itching and you’re hot to find out what “all the rage is” about Gutshot, now’s your chance, pilgrim! Dan Frolich will be pinning on the Game Marshal’s star and riding herd over the latest gang of owlhoots who’ve got the grit and gumption to get Gutshot.

“The scenario will be a short no-frills adventure designed to teach rules basics. If time allows and there is interest we may have time to play a second time,” Dan said.

The game is open to the public and will be held at 7 p.m., Monday Aug. 22, at Comic Book World in Florence, KY.

“All materials will be provided. I'll be bringing my Whitewash City Models and my collection of painted gunfighters,” Dan added. “Character generation is short and sweet; just roll 2d6 on a table to pick your template, grab a character sheet, note the options you wish to select and choose a figure to represent your character. The rules are very streamlined and most info you will need to know during the game is on the character sheet.”

For directions, contact mark@comicbookworld.com or call 859-371-9562.

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