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Owlcon 2001

We had a blast at Owlcon 2001. I've gotta admit that I was pretty nervous because this was the first time I'd taken the game out in public. But it was very gratifying to find out how supportive the gaming community is.

Jim Skipper, Paul Mauer and I only did one demo that year, but it was very productive. We met some great guys who gave us solid support and very good suggestions (they were unanimous in insisting that we have both full-cover and 50 percent cover modifiers). I'm really looking forward to doing it in 2002, and beyond.

-- Mike Mitchell

"Bad Day at Beaver Creek, Take One"

The annual Poker Tournament is in full swing at the Beaver Creek Saloon. Security is high... but not high enough as Mad Mike O'Mally leads his gang into town to rob the safe in the back room at the saloon. The Outlaws only 2d6 Actions before the Sheriff and his deputies arrive. Will it be enough for them to get the loot and make it out of town? Hell no!


This was an unmoderated game: everybody played. Jim Skipper took the honor of pulling the first Action Slip out of the hat... the no-good varmints were ready to strike!


The town of Beaver Creek was comprised of a custom-built saloon set (Jim used construction paper to show that you don't have to use expensive props for the game), and some plastic buildings that were originally made for O-Scale model trains.

If I recollect correctly, the bad guys won this game. One of the gang survived and made it to the edge of the table (where his horses were stashed). Only one out of three... but that was enough. The loot was gone and there was a black mark on the good name of Beaver Creek.

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