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New Jersey gets Gutshot!
And for once, Tony Soprano is not to blame!
Aug. 12, 2007 -- West Berlin, NJ

Lead is flying in the Garden State as the fine folks at All Things Fun get Gutshot this summer in a six-game Wild West campaign.  The campaign is the work of Hawgleg's newest saddle pal, Mike Matecha.

"Mike just recently found Gutshot, and he's grabbed hold of this pony with both hands," said Gutshot co-creator Mike Mitchell.  Matecha has been active in the Hawgleg forums and has contributed to the behind-the-scenes rules discussions and brainstorming as the game continues to evolve.

Matecha's campaign is running Wednesday nights at the All Things Fun game store in West Berlin, New Jersey.  So far he's run three games and has committed to run at least three more (he won't commit to anything, but he has hinted that he might continue if interest remains high).

To help stoke the flames of that interest, them Hawgleg boys have sent a few goodies to Mike in New Jersey.

To show our appreciation, they've sent Mike an official Gutshot T-shirt and sent him a few choice items to share with his players, including a Cold Death Stein, a cap, and some Gutshot magnets.

"Those are just a few tokens of our appreciation," said Hawgleg partner Paul Mauer. "It's the least we could do after all the hard work he's put into running these games."

Updated Schedule
(subject to change -- gotta keep 'em interested!)
Date Game
7-25 Bullets for Breakfast - DONE
8-1 Bullets for Breakfast (modified) DONE
8-8 The Law Dogs part 1 DONE
8-15 Bordertown Horse Race
8-22 The Law Dogs part 2
8-29 Love & Bullets

Games start around 6 p.m. and walk-ins are welcome.

All Things Fun
185 C Route 73 North
West Berlin, New Jersey 08091
(856) 719-1414

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