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Website back up to speed
After limping along for two days, Hawgleg.com back up to a gallop
Feb. 15, 2008 -- Houston, Texas

Even though some of the country has been slowed down like molasses in winter, that ain't no reason why things are slowin' down in sunny Houston.

"We don't really know why, but the Hawgleg Webserver has been really slow the past two or three days," said Gutshot co-creator and Web guy, Mike Mitchell. "We reported it to our hosting company's technical support people earlier this week, and for some reason it took them a long time to resolve the matter."

Mitchell also gave a rare "I told you so" comment.

"I told them to reboot the server and they didn't -- they just restarted the Web services and seemed oh-so-surprised when it didn't work. They finally did what I said and now it's all working again," Mitchell said.

Mitchell added that it was a good thing Ole Doc Murphy didn't get his hands on them first.

"Dang blast it! I woulda peppered their behinds with a double-barrel shotgun blast fulla rock salt! That woulda learned 'em ta show proper reee-spect!" he fumed, taking another swig out of his mason jar.

Fortunately, Paul "Mad Dog" Mauer hid his shotgun.

"The last thing we need is to have to bail that ole coot out of jail... again," Paul muttered.

"We'll be monitoring the site closely for the next few days to make sure everything stays up and running," Mitchell said. "If you see any problems, the best way to contact us is probably through the forums at The Miniatures Page. This will work better than e-mail because both the mail and Web server are on the same computer, so if one acts up, the other one might, too."

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