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Weekend Supply Sale!
Arnica Real Estate buildings available
during weekend sale

July 15, 2011 -- Houston, Texas

Work is progressing nicely with our efforts to retool our production line and reopen in September. We're casting parts, making new molds, and even designing new buildings to expand our Western Collection. After this, we're going to dive into getting our Adobe collection up and running.

All this work takes time and money. Time we got... but we could always use a little more money. Especially if we're going to have all the supplies we need on hand so we can keep working without a hitch. Now, normally one of the three partners would pony up a loan to the company and then it would repay us later. But all three of us are having tight cash flows right now (some due to good reasons, others due to unexpected trips for family emergencies). So, this time we decided to let Arnica fend for itslef by holding a quick sale to buy more supplies.

We have a limited number of buildings cast and I will be sanding them this weekend. We are offering up these buildings for sale this weekend. You can find the list of available buildings at our Website: http://arnicarealestate.com/cart_catHome.asp?ppcID=1

A few things to keep in mind:

  • This is a limited-time sale that is driven by how many items we have in stock.
  • There are 2-4 copies of each item  (except Boardwalks, Balconies & Sheds, we've got plenty of those).
  • When an item is sold out, it will be pulled from the list.
  • Buildings are cast in a mixture of white and tan resins; these are virtually identical in strength, flexibility and quality. It's just that we've found that some of the smaller parts are better suited to casting in a fast-curing white resin, and some parts are better in the tan (also, humidity can be a factor in our decision of which resin is best for the job at hand). Color shouldn't be a factor, as you will cover the resin up as you prime and paint the buildings.
  • When all items are gone, the sale will be over.
  • To sweeten the deal, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all US orders placed during this sale period. That should save you $11-$17 on orders shipped to the US. For orders shipped outside the US, we will offer a shipping credit of the same amount: contact us for details.

If you want to buy one of everything in stock, please contact us. We're offering a 15% discount on that purchase. Please use the form on the Website to contact us for details on this offer:  http://arnicarealestate.com/contactUs.asp 

Thanks very much for your support.

-- Mike Mitchell

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