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Weekend Sale Ends
We've taken all the orders we can handle, folks!
July 16, 2011

Effective immediately, the Weekend Supply Sale is closed.

When Arnica announced the sale at around 11 am on Friday, we didn't know what to expect. Especially since there didn't seem to be a lot of interest in it online or in our forums. As the afternoon wore on, though, that began to change.

"Heck, we knew people were hungry for Arnica buildings," said Hawgleg/Arnica partner Paul "Mad Dog" Mauer, "but we didn't know they were starving!"

Nine orders came in today, which actually exceeded our stock at hand. Mitchell will cast those parts this weekend and Monday.

"We need an additional two banks, two Hotels, and three General Stores," said Hawgleg/Arnica partner Mike Mitchell. "I have already started casting those pieces and plan to have those buildings quickly completed and prepped for shipping."

Everyone who placed an order will receive an e-mail detailing the status of their order, along with planned shipping date. As stated previously, some of the buildings need to be sanded, which Mitchell will work on this weekend and (if needed) the early part of next week.

"Everyone, we can't thank you enough," said Hawgleg/Arnica partner Mike Murphy. "Your continued support is gratefully appreciated. This sale helps us fund our continued expansion, and it hopefully gets some of our buildings onto your gaming tables. We're are truly moved by your support and interest in our humble little buildings."

Mitchell echoed his sentiments.

"Gamers are the best people I know," he said.

What's next

There are a few simple steps to moving forward:

  1. Fill these orders as fast as possible.
  2. Order more supplies (resin and mold rubber).
  3. Make molds, update the Website with new product (including the long-awaited Adobe Collection).
  4. Reopen the store in the fall with enough inventory on hand to handle to initial rush, and then get back to producing quality product on a regular basis.

Thanks again for your support! And if you missed the small window of opportunity afforded by this sale, please contact us to put you on our mailing list so we can contact you prior to reopening so we can keep you in the loop:http://arnicarealestate.com/contactUs.asp

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