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Who Will Win?
S&S Contest passes the halfway point
March 20, 2012

This weekend we passed the halfway point in our month-long Showdowns & Shootouts Jury Prize selection process. So far, response has been about what I expected it to be with about 50 people voting so far. What I did not expect was that there would be one runaway leader at this point. One of the entries has an almost 2-to-1 lead over its nearest†competition.

After these two big leaders, there are several other adventures racking up impressive voting. In fact, every single adventure has received at least one vote (and no, it's not just from the author).

I'm not going to taint the results by publishing who the leaders are, but I will publish the top five at this time (and they are listed in order of their publication number, which does not coincide with who's leading):
  • SS001 - Ambush at Coyote Canyon! by Al Theobald
  • SS002 - Bullets for Breakfast! by Ross Edwards
  • SS003 - 1,000 Horses for Helen! by Carmen Cerra
  • SS004 - Hurrahin' the Sky Pilot! by Dan Hash
  • SS005 - Holed Up! by Lance Gamble
If you don't see your favorite adventure up there, it's time to vote or stat campaigning to convince your friends and family to agree with your choice and get them to cast a vote, too.

You can read the adventures here:†http://www.hawgleg.com/2007_contest_winner.asp
You can cast your vote here:†http://www.hawgleg.com/polls_vote.asp?PollID=1

By the way, remember that everyone cast a a vote is eligible to win a saddlebag full of cool prizes!

Votersí Drawing Prize (valued at about $60) Randomly selected from everyone who votes

  • Whitewash City Starter CD ($15 value)†
  • One item from the Gutshot General Store (approx. $20 value)†
  • One copy of the collected S&S paperback book (approx. $20 value)
  • Gutshot miniature: ($5 value)

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