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Arnica Adobe Buildings Released!
Save $$$ with Free Shipping thru July
July 9, 2012


Arnica Real Estate is happier than a hawg in a waller right now because, after a long wait, we are finally releasing our Adobe/Mexican buildings!

"Yup, the day has finally dawned and we're ready to bring the rest of our catalog to life," said Arnica/Hawgleg co-owner Mike Mitchell. "We've been hard at work on this for a few months now, and we're finally ready to roll out the rest of our buildings and make them available again for the first time in years."

The Adobe Collection (which may eventually be renamed Tortilla Flats or some other name) currently includes 8 buildings, including an impressive adobe church and belltower, plus six other buildings.

$35 - 501-K - Adobe Church
$20 - 502-K - Adobe Bell Tower
$35 - 503-K - Abbey Rooms/Portico
$25 - 504-K - Adobe Storefront
$15 - 506-K - Casa Uno
$15 - 507-K - Adobe Gate & Walls
$20 - 508-K - Cantina
$20 - 509-K - Casa Dos

The complete list of buildings (and photos) can be found at the Arnica Real Estate Website: http://arnicarealestate.com/cart_catHome.asp?ppcID=2

If you're interested in ordering all of the buildings, you can save a few more bucks by ordering the Adobe Super Combo for only $175. This saves you $10, plus it includes a set of Boardwalks. You can order the Combo here: http://arnicarealestate.com/cart_detail.asp?ppID=43

Free Domestic Shipping

To celebrate their release, for a limited time, Arnica is offering free domestic shipping on all orders over $100.

"I'm very sorry that we cannot extend this offer to international shipping. Those shipping costs are just too high. However, we will pay 50% of the shipping on all international orders over $100," said Arnica Partner Paul Mauer. "It's just our way of thanking you for your support."

The free shipping offer will run through the end of July (and it includes everything in our shopping cart, including the original Western buildings).

Pre-Sale Details

This building release is being called a "pre-sale" for lack of a better term. What we mean is, that most of these buildings are 100% ready to go. However, as these are brand-new buildings for us, as we're pulling them out of the molds we're finding a few little things that need to be fixed. For example, the Cantina Roof doesn't fit perfectly, so we're making a new roof mold on Tuesday. The same holds true for the awnings that go on some of the buildings -- we have some, but we don't like them. New ones will be ready by Thursday or Friday. We're also keeping our eyes open for any problems with wall fittings, roofs, and other issues.

Also, we need to run some of the buildings to be sure that our prices are correct. It seems very likely, for example, that the cost of the Adobe Walls is going to be raised to $18 or $20. We won't know for sure until we get more precise data on the weight so we can be more acurate about the resin costs. It's almost certain that some items will see price hikes at the end of July. If you order now, though, you will be assured of the lower prices.

What all this means: Depending on what you order, your buildings could be ready in a matter of days. If you order something that has a problem (like that Cantina Roof), your order might be pushed back a week or so while we sort things out.  Also, since we don't keep a big inventory of our buildings; we pour them to order. Depending on where your order falls, you could be looking at a 2-3 week production cycle. We do promise to get out orders as quickly as possible and to keep you in the loop as to where your order is in our queue.

Arnica Buildings are suitable for use with 25-30mm miniatures and are made of high-quality resin. These are sold as unpainted kits: you will need to assemble and paint the buildings yourself. For more info, please visit us on the Web: www.arnicarealestate.com.



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