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Showdowns & Shootouts Adventures
Contributor Copies to Start Shipping in mid-April
March 27, 2017

Sorry for the delay, folks, but even after we got the web site back online, we have had a slew of behind-the-scenes stuff going on lately. One of the things still under development is the addition of a new shopping cart, new contact form and a big shift for Arnica Real Estate (more on the latter as it develops).

But we seem to be on track to get it all completed soon, which means that we will FINALLY be mailing out the contributor copies of Gutshot: Showdowns & Shootouts Adventures.

We will be reaching out to each of the contributors to see if you want to buy additional copies (at a discount, of course). We think domestic copies will start shipping in mid-April, and international copies should be shipping by around the first of May.

Contributors: If you do not hear from us by May 1, 2017 please reach out to us through the Hawgleg Forums, The Miniatures Page (we're active on the "Old West" forum) or our Facebook group.


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