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Get Gutshot at the Little Shop of Magic
Aug. 30, 2005 -- Las Vegas, Nevada

Aug. 30, 2005
Las Vegas, NV --
If you believe in magic in a young gamer's heart, then take a break from gambling and indulge your other vice: miniatures gaming!

"Yup, our buddies over at Little Shop of Magic can now help you get Gutshot," said game co-creator Mike Murphy. "And just in time for my move back to the city."

Murphy said he plans to mosey on by the shop after he gets settled in and hopefully run a few games.

The Little Shop of Magic has been a haven for gamers since 1994. The store originally opened in Flagstaff, Arizona and owner John Coviello has recently brought its brand of magic to Sin City.

“This is all part of our plan to help the whole world get Gutshot,” Murphy said.

So, hop on yer pony and discover the magic at the Little Shop of Magic.

Little Shop of Magic
Las Vegas, NV 89109

LSoM's contact information has also been added to our online directory of game stores and distributors who carry Gutshot..

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