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Free Shipping to Game Stores
Back in the Saddle Sale!
Aug. 15, 2005 -- Houston, Texas

NOTE: Offer has been extended to midnight, Oct. 31, 2005!

The folks over at Hawgleg Publishing must be crazy from the heat, because they’re bustin’ out of the chute with an offer guaranteed to turn some heads: Free Shipping of the Gutshot Core Rule Book to game stores and retailers on pre-paid orders of 2-10 books.

"We were going to call it a 'Back to School Sale,' but I still remember how much I used to hate those words when I was just knee-high to a jackrabbit and my summer siesta was coming to an end," said Gutshot co-creator Mike Mitchell. "So we decided against it. We’ll just call this our ‘Back in the Saddle Sale,’ instead."

The details of the sale are extremely simple:

  • Open to all bona fide game stores in the USA (brick & mortar or Internet)
  • Order 2-10 books
  • Pre-pay via PayPal, check, or money order
  • And Hawgleg will ship the books to you via USPS Media Mail
  • Offer good on all qualified orders received by Sept. 30, 2005

“We offer very competitive discounts to game stores,” Mitchell said. “Out of courtesy to our distributors, we can’t publish these rates online, but if you contact us I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

Additionally, all stores who add Gutshot to their stock will be added to the “Where to buy” section at the Hawgleg Website.

Rattlehead Games owner Brandon Luffman recently joined the Gutshot family.

"I just ordered some copies of Gutshot from Hawgleg and I gotta say I'm impressed,” Brandon said. “Not only was the discussion fast, courteous and clear, but the rate was better than I get from any of my distributors!”

Due to the high cost of international shipping, this particular sale is open only to stores in the USA. Game stores and retailers in the UK and Europe should contact Tabletop Games about their very reasonable shipping rates. And Mitchell is looking into ways to cut shipping costs to Canadian game stores.

Got Western Minis?

If your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) carries
25mm - 30mm Western miniatures, we'd like to hear from you. We'd want to contact game stores for whom Gutshot would be a good fit and tell them about our free shipping promotion. If you think your FLGS would be interested in getting Gutshot, please have them contact us, or let us know the name of the store so we can contact them. We promise we're not going to spam anyone, but we really want to get Gutshot onto game store shelves and we would really appreciate your help in getting it out there.

Please contact Mike Mitchell
with questions and recommendations.

“Right now the postage is just too expensive to Canada,” said Gutshot co-creator Mike Murphy. “We are looking into ways to trim the costs down, but we just haven’t figured out how to do it… yet. But we're working on it."

Gutshot is a rip-roaring tabletop miniatures game compatible with all 25mm - 30mm miniatures that you're already stocking from Artizan, Foundry, Dixon, Old Glory, Monday Knight, Westwind, and others. Set in the American Wild West, this game delivers a simple system to run one-on-one and small-scale combat that is fast, simple, and exciting. Designed for 3-8 players, Gutshot lets gamers experience the thrilling adventures of another time. The game is character driven, features a campaign system that encourages replayability, and with a $19.95 cover price, Gutshot delivers more bang for your buck!

Contact Mike Mitchell for more details.

Retail Price: $19.95 USD
ISBN 0-9765290-0-9
Pages: 178
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
Binding: Perfect-bound soft cover book
Cover: Full-color
Interior: b&w, lavishly illustrated with photos, vintage artwork, and new artwork.


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