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Hawgleg consolidates offices in Houston
April 5, 2003 -- Houston, Texas

  Hawgleg Publishing is thrilled to announce that it has consolidated its key development team members in Houston, Texas. Mike Murphy, founding member of the Gutshot Posse, has finally hitched his horse to his wagon and moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to the fourth largest city in the United States.

"I had the opportunity to move here, so I took it," Murphy explained.

"Vegas was a great place and I'll miss my friends and the active gaming community there, but it's good to be back in Houston."

Murphy had been a longtime resident of the Houston Metro area; he grew up and graduated high school in Dickenson, Texas.

With the principle players in the same city, he is excited about what this will mean for the future of Gutshot, the company's flagship title. Co-author Mike Mitchell has been a Houston resident since 1996.

"Things are definitely going to pick up now," Murphy said. "Our biggest problem in making sure that we had a great product was the distance between Mike and myself. Two hour time delays, and conflicting schedules made constant work on Gutshot about as fun as holding a nest of mad hornets with your bare hands!"

Mitchell is enthusiastic that development efforts will now easier.

"Las Vegas to Houston was a large distance to cross, even with the Internet to help us," Mitchell said. "With Mike here in town, things should really begin to move quickly. I'm really excited about what we're going to accomplish in 2003"

Murphy agreed, "We're going to make some great progress this year. I've only been here a few weeks and we've already had three lunch meetings to discuss and work on Gutshot, concerning finalizing playtesting, and organization. I know the best is yet to come."

As a result of the move, Hawgleg Publishing has closed its Post Office Box in Las Vegas. Please send all mail to...

Hawgleg Publishing
11191 Westheimer #348
Houston, Texas 77042-3222

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