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Slappin’ Leather at Little Wars!
July 1, 2003 -- Houston, Texas

That’s right Saddle Pals!

The lead will be flying and the blood will be flowing when the Gutshot Posse rides into Little Wars game store in Houston at 1 p.m. on July 26, 2003.

“We’re pretty excited about coming to Houston’s Main Historical Miniature Game Store and showing our stuff” said Creator Mike Murphy. “This gives us more exposure to players so they can see what is coming out to them later this year.”

Co-creator Mike Mitchell expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to spread the “Gutshot gospel” to a new batch of players.

“I’ve been looking forward to bringing Gutshot to Little Wars since Mike told me that they were interested in hosting some games there.” Mitchell said. “This is an excellent opportunity to get the word out through another fine retailer here in Houston.”

Store Owner Tony Rocha was enthusiastic about the upcoming game. “We're very excited to have a game of Gutshot at the shop. We've been trying to get a date set since Murph first came into the store.”

Murphy agreed with Tony. “The idea was put out a couple of months ago, but was held up due to my move from Nevada to Texas, and the preparations for the Midnight Con game. Once we got that straightened out, it was time to let Little Wars have a share of the Wild Western mayhem.”

When asked if he thought that the Gutshot Posse would find a comfortable niche at Little Wars, Tony responded with a hearty declaration of “Absolutely! We're in Texas!”

Little Wars has only recently opened and already is doing a thriving business with the growing miniature gaming market in Houston.

“With Historical miniatures, Little Wars is becoming the hub for historical gamers both old and new. The best opportunities we have for growth are history buffs who haven't gamed before but wonder ‘what if’ on the topic of the world's greatest battles and the strategy and tactics of military leaders from ancient times to today. Because of Texas' special historical relationship with cowboys, Indians, banditos etc., Gutshot will be a hit!” Tony added with a smile.

“Now that the date has been set, all we need to do is to mosey on down there, and get things going,” Murphy said. “I’m planning on running “Double Eagle Showdown” at the shop. And if there is still interest in another game afterward, I might just give them a free for all, Last Man Standing gunfight in the town.”

The Gutshot Posse will be riding into Little Wars at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 26th to run “Double Eagle Showdown.” The game is open to the public (walk-ins welcome). No prior experience is necessary, and we’ll be providing all buildings, miniatures, and equipment… so all you need to bring is enough gumption to Get Gutshot!

For more information on Little Wars, please check out their site!


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