Pony Express

This is it, folks, the legendary "Time Tripper" featuring "Timmy the Zap."

The plot of this 1980 game from SPI is simple: you're a grunt in Vietnam and you've cobbled together a working Time Machine out of a radio backpack. By fiddling with the dials, you create a time vortex that appears in a random spot on the board. By jumping through it, you appear in different eras of the past... and future. In theory, you can wind up being chased by time cops and jumping into the midst of the Roman Legions (as suggested by the relatively cool box art).

In reality, it was a ponderous, complicated game that really wasn't as much fun to play as "Abe, Babes, and Rollerblades."

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Time Tripper game rights were previously owned by Avalon Hill and SPI, respectively, and still might be.  We don't know for certain who owns them now, but their use here is not authorized and is not intended to infringe on their trademarks or copyrights.

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