Chapter Two:

Hell Ride
to Buzzard Point!

GM: Mike Mitchell

Game played 2 - 6:00 p.m.
Aug. 15, 2004

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Posted:Aug. 21, 2004

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Redleg Gang Strikes Again!

Four dead as payroll stolen
from Silverado Mining Company!

Dastardly Owlhoots Outrun Texas Rangers!

"We had another FANTASTIC playtest game.Besides having a lot of fun, this was a very important game for us -- we really gave the new horseback rules a workout, and were pleased and surprised. This was definitely a milestone game."
-- Mike Mitchell, Gutshot co-creator

The men of the Redleg Gang bury the first of their outlaw band to fall in battle. Of course, they took his watch, loot, and guns... but they buried him with his boots on (they didn't fit anyone else, anyway). Figures represent, left to right: Bob, Buckshot Bill, "Splintertooth" Jim, Buckshot Buddha, Shady Jay (the spirit in the sky), "Shirley," and El Gallo Negro.

Aug.27, 2003
Buzzard Point, West Texas –
Nobody thought they would strike again and rob the same payroll twice! But the daring Redleg Gang did it, leaving more bloody bodies in the dusty West Texas sand, riding off (again!) with the payroll for the Silverado Mining Company.

The second adventure of the Gutshot Summer Campaign was another rousing success, with each of the seven players from the previous week returning to don their Stetsons (at least metaphorically) and slip back into the boots of Wild West Outlaws.

"I was very happy to see everyone return," said game co-creator Mike Mitchell. "These are great guys and I'm already regretting how short this summer session is going to be."

The game, "Hell Ride to Buzzard Point," was only the third game he's run that was set entirely in the wilderness. Almost all the previous games were set in small towns, which makes sense, he said, "because that's where the banks are!" The game setup was very simple: five couriers were riding through the area with the payroll for the Silverado Mining Company: their job was to get the loot.

During the game some things went surprisingly well. Some members of the Gutshot Posse -- the game's development team -- were worried about how well the galloping checks would work (the longer you gallop, the more likely your horse is to stumble). But that went very well, Mitchell said.

The members of the Redleg Gang ponder where to set up their ambush. Left to right: Jared Lamb, Chris Trevino, Scott Coons, John Black, and Robert Hart.

"Adding a record sheet for the horse made tracking that very easy," Mitchell said. "And, like the regular Character Sheets, lots of useful info was summarized and made handy -- like movement modifiers, wound effects, and so on."

Other things didn't go that well, however.

"We tested whether horses should react to gunfire when it was close to them, and it just turned out to be too much to keep up with. We'll probably just require a check when the horse takes Damage," he explained.

In order to give the horseback rules a run for their money, Mitchell set up the largest playing area ever used in a Gutshot game. By pushing two tables together, and then dividing them in half, he was able to set up 28 feet of space for the horses and players to run wild. Naturally, most of the action focused on a small stretch of the table where the gang had set up an ambush, but all hell broke loose when one of the couriers made a mad dash for it and rode like hell for Buzzard Point... and the aid of the Texas Rangers waiting there.

The game also featured one other first -- a funeral complete with a tiny grave.

"We buried Shady Jay, who died in the last game," Mitchell said with a wicked grin as he showed off his latest creation of styrofoam and wood. "The players loved it."

As it was passed around, there was lots of mutterings of approval. "That is so cool," said player Chris (El Gallo Negro) Trevino. The others generally agreed.

Gutshot co-creator Mike Murphy stopped by the store for a few minutes to offer support (and check out the selection of great games for sale at Enigmas Game Store), and muttered, "Mike, old buddy, you've got too much time on your hands."

Mitchell disagreed.

"It's little details like this that make it fun," he said. "And fun is what Gutshot is all about."



The Redleg Gang:

  • Bob -- (played by David Burlin)
    Custom 1 - TN 7, Quickdraw: Pistol
    Weapon: Pistol
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • Buckshot Bill -- (played by John Black)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Sureshot: Shotgun, True Grit
    Weapon: Sawed-off Double-barrel Shotgun
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • Buckshot Buddha (played by Robert Hart)
    Gambler - TN 8, Lucky, Sureshot: Shotgun
    Weapon: Pistol, Double-barrel Sawed-off Shotgun
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • El Gallo Negro (played by Chris Trevino)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Sureshot: Pistol, Two-Gun Shootist
    Weapon: 2 Pistols
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • "Shirley" (played by Jared Lamb)
    Custom 3 - TN 9, Hard-to-hit, Lucky, Speedy
    Weapon: Rifle
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • Shady James I (played by David Michael)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Sureshot: Rifle, Speedy
    Weapon: Rifle
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • "Splintertooth" Jim, alias Jimbo Connors (played by Scott Coons)
    Custom 2 - TN 8, Lucky, Sureshot: Shotgun
    Weapon: Double-barrel Sawed-off Shotgun
    Mount: Standard Horse

The Couriers for the Silverado Mining Company :
(all NPCs played by GM Mike Mitchell)

Real Stats to come!

  • Gunner von Trapp
    Custom 2: TN 8, Horseback Shootist, Spontaneous
    Weapon: 2 Pistols, Double-barreled Shotgun, Rifle
    Loot: $25 gold, 2 full reloads per weapon
    Morale: Does not make morale checks
    Mount: Mustang
  • Lefty La Rouge
    Custom 2- TN 8 (7 w/shotgun), Horseback Shootist, Sure-shot: Shotgun
    Weapons: Pistol, 2 Rifles
    Loot: $25 gold, 2 full reloads per weapon
    Morale: Standard
    Mount: Tennesee Walking Horse
  • Oklahoma Slim
    Outlaw (reformed): TN 7, Tough-as-Nails
    Weapons: Pistol, 2 Double-barreled Shotguns
    Loot: $25 gold, 2 full reloads per weapon
    Morale: Does not make morale checks
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • Old Ned
    Custom 3: TN 9, Lucky, Horseback Shootist, Sure-shot: Rifle
    Weapon: Pistol, 2 Rifles
    Loot: $10 gold, 2 full reloads per weapon
    Morale: Standard
    Mount: Standard Horse
  • Tom Irons
    Gambler - TN 9 (8 w/Pistol), Horseback Shootist, Sure-shot: Pistol, Two-gun Shootist
    Weapon: 4 Pistols
    Loot: $75 gold, 2 full reloads per weapon
    Morale: Does not make morale checks
    Mount: Standard Horse

This was a huge playing area: about 28-feet long.
Pushed together, the two tables were about 14 feet long, and were divided
down the middle: Characters couldn't cross over the middle
(it was treated it as a long straightaway).

Game Stats for
Hell Ride to Buzzard Point!

There were 7 Characters and 5 NPCs involved in combat.
(There were an additional 5 NPC Texas Rangers ready
to attack if the Characters didn't escape in time)
The game lasted five turns and took about 3.5 hours to play.

Setup (Victory Objectives)
The Silverado Mining Company is replacing the payroll stolen in the last game...
Sounds like another payday for the Redleg Gang! The money is being sent with five armed, experienced couriers to the bank in Buzzard Point (since the gang closed the bank in Coyote Gulch!).
Victory Objective: Get the loot and make it off the east (right) side of the table. If you succeed, you'll earn 50 VP, plus VP for kills, loot, and other feats of daring-do!

NOTE: There is a waystation at the far end of the playing area. There are at least five Texas Rangers there. If you fire any shots past the halfway point on the board, they will hear it and come riding out to stop you and retrieve the money. Your best bet, then, is to ambush the couriers before they get in hearing range of the waystation.

Pre-Game Setup

The players could position themselves anywhere they wanted on the first side of the board.

Turn One

In order to get the game moving quickly, the couriers were moved four times until they moved into ambush range. At that time we started pulling initiative slips.



5 18     73
Buckshot Bill
  18 5   73
Buckshot Buddha
15 18 5   88
El Gallo Negro
15 18     83
Shady James I 
15 18 10   93
10 18 5 10 93
"Splintertooth" Jim
10 18   10 88

Bob: 5 VP for Damage on Tom Irons
Buckshot Bill: 5 VP for being smart enough to know when to turn back
Buckshot Buddha: 15 for killing Gunner Von Trapp, 5 VP for hanging back to search bodies and collect loot
El Gallo Negro: 10 VP for killing Oklahoma Slim, 5 for Damage on Old Ned
Shady James I: 10 VP for killing Lefty La Rouge, 5 VP for Damage to Oklahoma Slim, 5 VP for calming fugitive horse, 5 VP for remaining cool enough to get the courier's saddlebags full of loot
Shirley: 5 for Damage to Lefty La Rouge, 5 VP for Damage to Old Ned, 5 VP for suggesting Shady James take the time to get just the saddlebags from Tom Irons lame horse, 10 VP for rescuing Bob
Splintertooth Jim 10 VP for finishing off Old Ned, 10 VP for recovering the body of El Gallo Negro

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