Quarterly Drawing

Please note that the Online Drawing has been suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience -- we're pursuing other promotions at this time and expect to resume the drawings at some point in the future.

Sign up to win free stuff! Yeah, that's right, pardner! Yer pals at Hawgleg Publishing are giving away one prize a quarter. If you've registered once, you do not need to register again. We'll keep your name on file until you win!

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Quarter Prize
Dec. 2005

Tom Mellott
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Thanks! Think I'll wear the 'Cold Death' T-shirt."

Sept. 2005

Winner: Ron King
Nacagdoches, Texas

'Think I'll take me that there trucker's cap. I think that's something I'll wear to games."

June 2005

Winner: Patrick Becker
Peddlers3 Hobbies
5912 South Service Rd.
Big Spring, TX 79720

"Hot dang! Why I say, been a coon's age since I went'n won me sumtin!" he said when he got the news.

March 2005

Winner: Ric Walters
Plover, Wisconsin

Ric took home the Gutshot Tile Box, saying it. "will be great for holding poker chips and dice."

Dec. 2004

Winner: Mike Newton
Taberg, New York

"I would like the clock as my prize (to hang in the game room of course!)... It's time to Get Gutshot!"

Sept. 2004

Winner: Brian L. Bird
Lackland AFB, Texas

"Howdy! Well I’ll be a huckleberry! I’m a blue ribbon winner! I think I would like to wear this here fancy shirt..." Brian wrote, indicating our cool "Cold Death" design.

June 2004

Winner: Kreg Mosier
Nacagdoches, Texas

"Woo-Wee!! I feel luckier'n all get out. I guess I should thank them other fellas for not answerin' the call before me...ha ha!" Kreg shouted when he got the word that his was actually the third name from the hat (the first two must've been bushwhacked because they never claimed their prize).

March 2004

Winner: Rafael Velez
Merrillville, Indiana

"Well, shee-oot! I'll be a cowpoke's poker. I jus' love it when I win!" Rafael declared when he got the news.

Dec. 2003

Winner: Mark A. McKinley
North Carolina

Mark decided to drink his cup o' joe from our stylish, Cold Death Steel Travel Mug.

Sept. 2003

Winner: Sherry Millstein

Sherry decided it was time to Get Gutshot, so she chose the newfangled Wall Clock.

July 2003

Winner: Susan Benedict

Susan selected the new baseball jersey T-shirt with blue sleeves.

March 2003

Winner: Ernie Lanterman
New Jersey

Ernie opted for the cool new Gutshot Ballcap that was debuted at Owlcon 2003 in Houston, Texas.


Winner: James LeVeque

Although the prize was going to be one of our cool Tote Bags, James opted for the Classic Logo Gray T-shirt.


Winner: Janeen Watkins
North Carolina

Her prize is one GUTSHOT garment. She chose the Classic Logo Gray T-shirt!


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