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Feb. 11, 2002 -- Houston, Texas

Everett Chun took first prize in the "Last Team Standing" game.

Two lucky playtesters made off with some loot at OwlCon 2002, and all they had to do was shoot their way out of town in a hail of lead. Of course, the lead was in the miniatures, not, not in bullets.

Everett Chun was running two figures in Nevada Nell's gang in a large game that pitted two teams against each other with the goal of getting rid of their opponents -- one way or the other.

"It was a real simple game setup," noted Gutshot Posse member Mike Mitchell. "We arranged the buildings in the town and put the six figures from each team anywhere we wanted on our side of the town. Then we started drawing names from the hat and all Hell broke loose."

The "Last Team Standing" game was the second of two played on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2002 in the Grand Hall of the Levy Student Center at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The first was a retesting of the adventure "Bad Day at Beaver Creek," which they also played last year.

"It was a lot of fun," Everett said. He added that he was looking forward to playing again next year when the rules were published. Everett got first pick of the prizes and selected the Gutshot Logo T-shirt.

Troy Roper took second prize in the team opposing Everett. Troy chose the Gutshot Tote Bag as his loot.

See the Owlcon 2K2 report for details on the game.

Troy Roper holds a fistful of miniatures and a Gutshot Tote Bag.

Both Everett and Troy also each took home a bandana filled with Western Miniatures by The Foundry.

"It was a very successful playtest," noted GM and Gutshot Posse member Jim Skipper. "We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. We're looking forward to attending OwlCon next year, when we should have the published rules in hand."

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